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30.00 USD

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Uraw depilatory and hair reducing spray is a quick and easy solution to get rid of unwanted hair.
This spray helps you to get rid of hair without irritation and pain, also moisturizes and soothes the skin.
It contributes to a smoother appearance. It can be used in the armpit and genital areas, supports less and slower hair growth with regular use.

Natural Ingridients: Orange peel, turmeric powder, papaya extract, walnut shell cure, ant egg oil, aloe vera, allantoin, fenugreek.

Make sure the skin is dry before applying. Apply the spray on the desired area by the skin, then massage it by hand.
After waiting for 3 minutes, pull the hairs gently to check the interaction.
Then, rub the hairs and clean them with plenty of warm water.
If you wish, you can easily clean with dry wipes or hygienic wet wipes.
Shake the product for a short time before using it.

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