uraw laser effective hair removal cream

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URAW Laser Effective Hair Removal Cream:
Ant egg oil weakens hair follicles thanks to the many acids it contains,
such as formic and palmic acids.
While it allows hair to grow slower and thinner,
when combined with the lemon oil it contains,
it affects the hair follicles in two ways.
With the chamomile it contains,
it helps reduce and moisturize the imperfect appearance of hair follicles (chicken skin, exfoliation) without irritating the skin.
Usage Information: Apply the cream to the area where you want to remove hair,
covering the hair completely.
Leave the cream on your skin for 4 - 6 minutes.
Then, scrape off the product on a small area and check if the hairs are removed.
When you see that the hairs start to fall out,
remove the

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