Warranty and Return Conditions

Warranty Terms

All products are under the warranty of the manufacturer unless otherwise has been stated. Please control the products during the delivery for warranty terms to be valid. If you see a defect as cuts, missing or opened product, please take a report and do not receive the delivery. Changings on the product, deformation or distortion of the original design are out of warranty.


Return Terms

In case the product you have purchased through our website is defective, first, you must control the products when the delivery has arrived. If you see a defect such as cut, missing or opened package please take a report and do not receive the delivery. After the report please contact us via the online support section on our website within 7 days from the delivery of the products. The defective product which will be delivered back to us by the shipping company will be replaced by a new one. If the defection of the products is the customers' mistake or it was used within 7 days, the product will not be returned and replaced. The practices by the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection is essential as return and replacement of the products.

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