Hairtox Saç Bakım Kompleksi

24.50 USD
24.50 USD

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What is HairTox

It is a 3-steps hair care product; a detox shampoo, a keratin conditioner, and a booster serum for hair growth. This package gives your hair what it needs at once.

The products in the set are recommended to be used as follows respectively.

Hairtox Shampoo: It is recommended to use it every two days. Use the shampoo by massaging your scalp.
Hairtox Cream: This cream with keratin support can be applied to your hair from root to tip after using Hairtox Shampoo.
Hairtox Serum: The serum is recommended to be applied by massaging the hair follicles every night apart from shampoo and cream.

Using this set will make your hair stronger, softer, and cleaner than they have ever been. Its herbal and natural ingredients have everything that your hair needs.  

One package is for 30 days of use. You may start to see the results in 90 days.

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