Korakis Marinos Mastic Paste 600 Gr

32.00 USD
32.00 USD

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Mastic Benefits :

When stomach-related problems occur, chewing some gum drops minimizes these complaints.
Mastic gum, which also has the ability to destroy microbes, is highly effective in dental and oral health.
It makes a great contribution to the whitening of teeth.
It is an ideal choice for those with asthma type respiratory disease. It helps soften the bronchi and chest area.
It is often used in the cosmetics industry. It is added to creams and shampoos to improve their formulas.
The scent of mastic gum also has a mind-opening feature. Especially those who eat chewing gum sweets gain the ability to think more succ

Korakis D.D Sakızlı Macun 600 gr. x 2 + Kargo Taşıma Ücreti

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