Besni Grape 200 G Adiyaman

22.37 USD
22.37 USD

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Natural Besni Raisins 200 G Adıyaman
The history of Besni Grape, which is called Besni Prophet Grape in the region, goes back to Yavuz Sultan Selim Han. It is rumored that Sultan Selim Khan liked Besni Grape, which was served in the inn he stayed in while passing through the land of Adıyaman with his armies, and said that this grape was worthy of the Prophets. After that day, Besni Grape is known as Prophet's Grape in the region. Besni grapes are green-yellow in color when wet, and amber in color when dried in the sun. Besni Grape is first oiled with olive oil and then dried in the magnificent sun and wind of the region and packaged.
Besni Grape is a registered grape with a Geographical Indication.
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Besni Grape 200 G Adıyaman
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