Dr. Oetker Chocolate Lava Cake

19.37 USD
19.37 USD

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Dr. Oetker Chocolate Waterfall, 195 gm

the details:

Special product for special meals!

Very practical to prepare, 8-10 minutes of cooking, only ingredients to be added are 2 eggs only, while cocoa cake powder which is placed during preparation and 4 cooking styles are included in the packages.


Add according to the recipe: 2 eggs
Baking temperature: 230 ° C above ground baking (preheat)
Baking time: about 8-10 minutes
Distribute the bottom and side of the cooking pots with butter (distribute the bottom with more butter).
Boil the water and submerge the glaze in the water to make it dissolve.
Turn on the oven at the set temperature.

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