Blueberry Dried Fruit Chips

8.00 USD

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We carefully selected quality blueberries from blueberry gardens
and combined them with the freeze-drying method.
You will not be able to get enough of our freeze dried blueberry crispy
chips with no added sugar and high nutritional value.
Blueberries dried with Freeze-dry technology preserve 97% of their nutritional value.
We only extracted the juice from the blueberries.
1 pack of freeze dried blueberries is 20 grams.
250 grams of fresh blueberries were used in the production of 1 package.
It does not contain added sugar, additives or preservatives.
It contains only the natural sugar and nutritional properties of blueberries.
Completely dried, 100% natural blueberries...
Suitable for lactose-free, gluten-free and

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