Machine Turkish Coffee Beige 5 Cup Capacity With Plenty of Foam

94.00 USD

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Turkish coffee with milk, roasted Turkish coffee,
milk coffee varieties or hot chocolate, whatever you want to drink;
Karaca Hatır Hüps Turkish Coffee Machine with Milk is with you!
You can host your guests perfectly with this milk coffee machine,
which prepares your coffee with a delicious taste.
Hatır Hüps will be the most valuable part of your home
with the taste of Turkish coffee slowly cooked on embers and milk drinks that you can prepare as you wish.
Turkish milk coffee machine does not burn coffee
and prepares it at the ideal temperature thanks to its automatic heat setting.
Moreover, with the overflow prevention system,
coffees overflowing and counters sinking in a moment of
absent-mindedness are now a thing of the past.

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