Handmade, Cut Globe, Gray-Gold, Large Size, Silver 1000, Kazaz Tasbih

1,131.73 USD
1,131.73 USD

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The finest types of tasbihs whose beans are extracted from natural gemstones such as amber, turquoise, ivory and coral, some polished and others not. Some types are distinguished by luster and bright colors and have several shapes, including spherical, oval, monetary, cylindrical, chickpea and almond, and they are available in several sizes. And hand-made silver rosaries with many distinct inscriptions We show you the best types of prayer beads used by the majority of Islamic peoples You can order it now from Bazarea .

El İşçiliği Küre Kesim Gri-Gold Büyük Boy 1000 Aya + Gümüş İşçilik

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