Dried Apricot Fruit Chips - Freeze Dried Crispy Apricots

8.00 USD + VAT

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We have carefully selected quality apricots and combined them with the freeze drying method. You will not be able to get enough of our freeze dried apricot crispy chips with high nutritional value, no sugar added, no additives.
Apricots dried with Freeze-dry technology preserve 97% of their nutritional value. We only extracted the juice from the apricots.
1 pack of freeze dried apricots is 25 grams.
300 grams of apricots were used in the production of 1 package.
It does not contain added sugar, additives or preservatives. It contains only the apricot's own natural sugar and nutritional properties.
Completely dried, 100% natural apricots themselves...
It is lactose-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegan consumption.
Children can safely consume freeze-dried apricots.
It is not a dull product! You can store it at room temperature in cool and dry places.
You will enjoy it with its crispy texture.
You can also consume textured apricots with many products such as yoghurt, milk, ice cream, muesli, granola, corn flakes, and wheat puffs.
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