Blue Zirconia Minimal Design 925 Sterling Silver Men's Ring

148.51 USD
148.51 USD

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Material: Silver Stone: Zirconia Color: Blue You can order it now from

How to measure the ring?

You can find your own ring size using the methods below.

Method 1 - Diameter

Ring Measurement If you have a ring that you have already worn on the finger you are planning to wear, take it in your hand, find a ruler with a millimeter (mm) size, place the ring horizontally on the table and measure the ring diameter from inside to inside.
Make sure that the widest part of the ring is measured while doing this. Read the millimeter from the ruler. Compare this value with the Ring Measurement Chart below and find your size.

Method 2 - Circumference

If there is no ring available according to the finger you intend to wear, take a piece of wire, a piece of paper or a piece of string in your hand and wrap the paper strip on your finger. Mark the junction of the 2 ends with yo

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